engagement surveys provide useful data to measure KPI's

It’s now more important than ever to find out how your employees are feeling about working for you, especially post pandemic, how they feel about their role, their team, their ambitions and what motivates them (and if this has changed).

At My HR Hub we are experts at conducting ‘face to face’ or ‘zoom to zoom’ interviews with your employees (No online surveys for us!).

We feel this personal approach, building trust and having time to explore each individual responses face to face, allows us to get ‘under the bonnet’ of the issues so we can identify, analyse, recommend and put the relevant business improvements in place.

We aspire to go further than just ticking the ‘HR box’, we think anyone can tick a box – which is why we’re passionate about firms becoming an ’employer of choice’ and we have helped many businesses do this over the years.

Every company, no matter how small, can choose to develop a great culture and be an employer of choice. We can show you how and to make this an ongoing programme to measure the KPI’s and improvements.

Our current clients working through this project have seen exceptional results. They are clear on why they are a Great Place to Work and what else they need to improve, as our ‘Insight’ Employee Engagement Project has given them this knowledge and transparency with clear actionable goals to work towards.

For many clients, this project has now become part of their culture, and it’s how they measure business success.

This project is now delivered annually as the key measure on how engaged employees are and forms a part of the Management Information they share at Board Meetings. The transition from not being aware or really understanding Employee Engagement to proactively driving this top down, has been a very rewarding and powerful business tool.

The truth is many companies don’t know what to do with engagement survey data they’ve collected. For them, the exercise becomes an end unto itself. This is usually because their surveys are not designed in ways that yield actionable results or fit into a larger engagement strategy.

Whether you are just embarking on your engagement survey or sitting staring at a packet of engagement results, consider the following tips to make your initiative both more meaningful and more actionable:

1.  Articulate your Goals

Why are you conducting a survey? The obvious answer is “We want to see what our engagement is” or “We want to improve engagement.” Unfortunately, many companies stop there. Measuring engagement is not enough. You need to decide in advance what you want to do with the data you are collecting. 

2. Asking the right questions

There is an unlimited number of questions you can ask.We have taken the hard work away and have recommended 12 key questions. In our experience these yield useful information that can help understand engagement and help you get on track to improving this, if actioned in the right way. 

3.  Don’t Work in a Vacuum

A survey alone doesn’t make an engagement strategy. Your survey should be a part of a larger culture of engagement. Survey results must be meaningful to managers and employees, or they will not drive behavioural change. 

4. Surveys are Only a Starting Point

Surveys are not the end goal. They are merely a tool to begin a conversation with your employees, or to frame that conversation for managers and executives. This is the start of your Engagement journey –  everyone needs to be on that journey. 

5. Take Action or Don’t Bother

Putting together a survey like this and pushing it through an organization takes a huge effort. It is little wonder that so many Companies just stop there. If you are not committed to understanding, listening and making improvements, don’t even conduct a survey—because employees who are not surveyed at all are more engaged than those whose companies survey them but take no action. 

My HR Hub provides employee engagement projects

For further advice or for full support in designing, conducting, reviewing results resulting in a short/medium- and long-term Business Improvements Plan, contact us to find out how we can help with a tailored Employee Engagement Programme – including KPI’s and business improvement ideas.