Remote, low-cost HR support for startups, small businesses and charities.

My HR Club is a unique HR support club created by the My HR Hub team, who have over 40 years of HR experience between them.

At My HR Club we support employees of small, medium and fast-growing businesses who are in need of HR support, training and guidance. Whether you’re new to HR, the stand-alone HR professional in your business, an office manager with HR responsibilities or anyone else in need of support – we’re here for you.

Our remote, affordable membership model is perfect for those with a busy schedule on a tight budget. We will provide you with the resources, training and solutions that you need in order to thrive in your role.

Members of My HR Club can take advantage of a variety of benefits and services, including weekly Zoom workshops, an online portal of ‘good-to- go’ HR policies and documents, exclusive concessional rates of HR software and service and more.

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The My HR Club team are driven by the shared values of…

  • Passion: We are passionate about supporting our members and going the extra mile to enable them and their businesses to thrive.
  • Creativity: We look to support businesses with simple, no-jargon creative solutions.
  • Making a Difference: We are dedicated to supporting our members, facilitating their professional development and becoming great places to work.
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