Why did we create My HR Club?

My HR Hub was founded, by Rebecca Bull in 2016 – the driver for creating My HR Hub is to support SME’s through their growth journey and work with them to become better, fairer and greater places to work. As a development of our work, we are excited to launch My HR Club as a way of further supporting Companies, by offering a unique Club to support those in ‘Stand Alone’ roles.

This is the first Club in the UK to support ‘Stand Alone’s, so, those working in HR (looking after people) who have either no HR qualifications or professional network, up to fully qualified HR Professionals or HR Consultants that need a community of like minded people.

“A Stand Alone role looking after HR has great benefits : variety, exposure, challenge, making a difference, but it can also be isolating and scary. You need to be a generalist, a master of all and if you are not qualified (ie: if you are doing HR alongside another role, eg: Office Manager, MD, Finance) , it will be even more challenging.”

Rebecca Bull Chartered Fellow CIPD – Founder of My HR Club

Rebecca has been operating in ‘Stand Alone’ roles for over 20 years, entering HR by ‘accident’ via an Office / PA role, then moving through the traditional HR career ladder to Group HR Director level. Rebecca holds a Degree and Post Grad Diploma in Human Resource Management and Business from Nottingham Trent University Business School and is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

“In some small Companies, we still have to still show our ‘HR’ value everyday, (which other role needs to do this?!) this can be exhausting. You can sometimes feel like an island and recognition for your hard work is sometimes not as free flowing as other roles that are more transparent in what they achieve.

A lot of great HR / people solutions you achieve are confidential and behind the scenes, so it’s difficult to share the ‘pixie dust’ moments when you have brilliantly resolved an employee or HR issue.

HR can be seen as the ‘fun police’ – bringing in compliance when the culture is sometimes”non compliant’ and some decisions can and may challenge your own personal values. We are emotionally invested in our roles (it’s in our make up) so this can be VERY challenging.

My HR Club is a helpful, authentic, open, challenging and innovative environment. We want everyone who is interested in My HR Club to be in this special Community, helping you on your ‘Stand Alone’ journey is our ‘Why’.” – Rebecca Bull, Founder and Owner of My HR Club.

My HR Club is there to provide you with a ‘like minded community’, to support you, to provide experts who can bring ‘the outside in for you’, to give you HR resources at your fingertips, to give you Coaching/Mentoring regardless of whether you are an Office Manager with HR responsibilities or a HR Consultant who just needs a sounding board. We have added in some great treats, concessionary HR services and a 2 night Wellbeing, ‘All About You’ Retreat in Derbyshire – because we look after others all the time, we need to look after ourselves too!

My HR Club partners

We are very proud of our relationships with our partners, built on years of working together, My HR Club is a collaboration with a range of excellent UK wide partners operating in the HR and Business space who are all passionate about creating a community of like-minded people. Our partners passion and excitement about My HR Club is the encouragement we needed to make this a reality. This is our Club, we come as a team and we are so excited to welcome new members.

We provide concessions for Charities, so get in touch to find out more, hello@myhrclub.co.uk.

We are recruiting for ‘Stand Alone’ HR moderators, guest speakers and Blog writers with interesting Stand Alone content. Get in touch on how we can skill swap and offer you complementary membership in exchange for your valuable insights at hello@myhrclub.co.uk.